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Speaking Valve with filtration, Humidifier and Heat Exchanger





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Significant patient advantages

The development of SPIRO has lead to the elemination of common problems for intubated patients.

SPIRO is small, convenient and very light compared with other speech aids. It can be worn discretely under the patients clothes.

SPIRO is also very easily handled by all types of patient. The whole valve can be removed and applied in one simple operation. When required the filter housing can be cleaned with fresh water and the filter replaced.


SPIRO reduces the costs

SPIRO is a complete system using replacement filters held in filter housing. One is trasparent with Speaking Valve, humidfier and pre-warming of the air. The other is white with a moistening and air-warming function. The easy handling, changing of filter and parts, and the several functions within the same unit, makes SPIRO very cost-effective.