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Speaking Valve with filtration, Humidifier and Heat Exchanger





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Article no. Product specification Image
702 Humidifier 702
703 Shower protection device (702) 703
705 Pair of tweezers 705
707 Adaptor for silver cannula 13 mm 707
708 Adaptor for silver cannula 14 mm 708
710 Speaking Valve with oxygen nipple 710
710R Speaking Valve with oxygen nipple (purple) 710R
711 Speaking Valve without oxygen nipple 711
730 Shower protection device (710+711) 730
740 Exchange filter (702, 710, 710R, 711) 740
760 Basic set */ 760
770 Basic set HME 770
*/ SPIRO basic set is a convenient package, covering most patient needs, for both day and night-time use. The transparent plastic box contains two filter housings - one as clear as glass (for the day) and one white without speech membrane (for night and rest), further a heat-shield, so called "nose", and a pair of tweezers for exhanging the filter. The basic set also contains an andaptor for connection to a silver cannula. The SPIRO System's different articles can also be ordered separately.