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Speaking Valve with filtration, Humidifier and Heat Exchanger





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SPIRO - an eagerly awaited innovation for tracheostomy patients and for the Health Service

Permanent wearing of tubes often lead to great strain on themselves, the doctors attending them and the whole medical service. We have attempted to make the functions of air-flow, coughing and speech easier.

The Speaking Valve "SPIRO" is an important step in this direction. Tracheal tubes with form-fitting fenestration are easily equipped with this new aid, giving patients an enhanced quality of life, particulary children and other susceptible patients.


Speaking Valve with filtration, Humidifier and Heat Exchanger

Inhalation will be easier as the silicone membrane closes immediately during expiration. This gives good speech function and ensures that, during coughing, the filter and Speaking Valve are not affected by secretions. The stenosed area will be positively effected, with less tendency of scarring from laser treatment. The exhaled air functions as a permanent dilator of the stenosed area. The valve house has a nipple with simple connection, through which oxygen can be provided when needed.