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Speaking Valve with filtration, Humidifier and Heat Exchanger





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Danderyds hospital, Stockholm. One of the largest hospitals in Sweden with specialists in anaesthesiology and breathing care.

Simplifies the care - improves the health
gives high medical quality and fulfils a great need within anaestes-thesiology and breathing care. The highly efficient filter cleans the inhaled air and prevents particles form reaching the lower respiratory tract. This reduces the risk of infection and minimises the need for suction.

A combination without any equivalence
is a Speaking Valve of essential quality, compared with other products on the market. The combination, of Speaking Valve, Humidifier, Filter and Heat Exchanger has until now not been available. During development of the SPIRO Speaking Valve information and medical device were given by specialists at Danderyds Hospital in Stockholm. Clinical trials were tailored accordingly. SPIRO has therefore been carefully and practically tested.